At one point or another, you've heard the word "Karat" or "K". You're probably aware that higher karat gold is more expensive. But have you ever thought about why?


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  1. Karat is a measurement unit used to measure how much gold is in a piece of jewelry
  2. Karats are measured on a scale of 0 — 24
  3. The higher the gold content, the higher the karat number
  4. Pure 100% gold pieces, unmixed with any other metals, are considered 24K (or 24 Karat gold)  


Pure 24K gold jewelry is sensational and rare. It tends to be very expensive though. It is relatively soft, malleable, and easy to scratch and bend compared to its lower Karat counterparts.


In the West, most jewelers and brands opt to mix gold with other metals such as silver and copper to make jewelry durable and more affordable. And, in some cases, enhance its color. In the East, you'll find more jewelry made of 24K due to its intrinsic value of being pure gold.




A good rule of thumb is to consider how often you'll wear it, what you'll be doing when wearing it, the color you prefer, and ultimately your budget.


Here's a quick guide for you to be mindful of:

  1. 100% pure gold
  2. Rich orange-yellow color
  3. Most expensive
  4. Malleable and least durable
  5. Weighs more than other karats
  6. Best choice if you want to invest in pure gold



  1. 18 parts of gold + 6 parts of other metals (most commonly copper and silver)
  2. Bright yellow-gold color
  3. Most often used in high-end jewelry
  4. Best choice if you want to have the most amount of gold with a high level of durability suitable for everyday wear


  1. 14 parts of gold + 10 parts of other metals (most commonly copper and silver)
  2. Rich gold color, less saturated and intense than 18K
  3. Quite durable and will not scratch that easily compared to other high karat gold
  4. Most popular choice of gold used in the US and UK
  5. Best choice if you want to find the perfect balance between durability, affordability and appearance


  1. 10 parts of gold + 14 parts of other metals
  2. Bronze-gold color
  3. Most durable
  4. Entry-level priced
  5. Best choice if you are on a moderate budget looking to invest in gold pieces



Choose the karat that makes the most sense for your budget and intended use. If you tend to frequently use your hands or want to be carefree with your jewelry, consider a more durable gold such as 14K. There's no right or wrong karat gold. Your decision should just be influenced by how much gold content matters to you.

At INO, we uphold to a high standard of quality while making jewelry approachable. All our pieces are made from solid 14K gold.

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Collection 01: A New Beginning Lookbook

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