INO designs modern, unisex jewelry pieces that are handcrafted from recycled precious metals. In an industry that’s focused on trends, we believe in timelessness. Our goal is to create products that are made for life. We encourage people to think about what they wear as more than just a trend but as part of their identity and legacy.

Every single one of our pieces is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver or 14k solid gold to ensure they last forever without ever losing their luster or shine. Our commitment to quality starts with the fine materials but extends all the way through our supply chain and packaging.

When you purchase a piece of INO jewelry, you're supporting a movement towards sustainability and quality in the industry.


INO was founded out of a family practice in 2021 by third-generation jeweler Albert Huong. Albert spent a majority of his youth inside his grandmother’s jewelry store, from waiting for his parents to finish working after school to spending weekends at the store.

In 2021, his partner Thuyen Nguyen joined the company as the Chief Creative Officer. Together, they are on a mission to creating gender neutral jewelry pieces based on the essence of simplicity, craftsmanship and durability.


We created INOCare to make it easy to keep your jewelry beautiful, clean, and long-lasting. Scratches from regular wear are to be expected, and they might become more visible over time. 

For up to three years, INOCare takes care of the most common issues that come with owning fine jewelry.

INOCare members enjoy complimentary cleanings, discounts on repairs, and insurance coverage if their INO jewelry is ever lost.

Simply add the service to your cart and keep track of your order number for future reference. When you're ready to use the service, send us an email at care@inojewelry.com with your order number and how you'd like to use the service.


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