There are numerous ways to store jewelry, however some methods are more harmful than others. If you want to keep your jewelry in good condition for years to come, you must know how to properly care for it.

Image of a 14k gold ring and sterling silver ring sprinkled with water droplets


Before any jewelry is stored, you should make sure it is clean and dry. Save this at-home cleaning method for future reference:


  1. In a bowl, mix a few drops of mild dish soap and warm water to create your cleaning solution
  2. Set your jewelry in the solution for :30 secs — 1 min
  3. Take your jewelry out of the solution and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to buff away any dirt
  4. Pat the jewelry dry using a cloth (preferably lint-free and microfiber if you have)
  5. Remove any tarnish using a special jewelry polishing cloth (we recommend using the complimentary INO jewelry cloth that comes with your order)


After you’ve given it a good clean, make sure you’ve patted it down dry. Moisture causes silver to tarnish over time. Storing tarnished jewelry with untarnished jewelry can cause both pieces to oxidize quicker.



You’ve given your pieces some love and affection, next step is to roundup all your pieces that you want to store away. Separate your jewelry by metal.


If not worn regularly and maintained, silver tarnishes over time. Store your silver pieces by themselves in a sealed pouch or box away from exposure to the air. We recommend you store it in the original INO wool felt pouch that comes with your order since the felt will help absorb excess moisture and prevent premature tarnishing.


Gold is a relatively soft metal and can be damaged easily by scratches from hard gemstones or other metals. We suggest storing your gold pieces away from silver by keeping them in a soft cloth bag or our complimentary wool felt pouch. This separation helps keep your gold safe and looking new.




You can’t just store your jewelry anywhere. Keep your pieces out of the bathroom and anywhere else there might be heat and humidity, like next to a window.


Jewelry, such as 925 silver and 14K gold, fare better in room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and somewhere with low humidity to avoid speeding up the tarnishing process for silver.


Consider these top three tips today and there's no doubt you will keep your jewelry looking pristine for a lifetime and beyond.

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