We create pieces of jewelry with an attention to detail and responsibility. All INO pieces begin as thoughts, memories, and ideas which are then transposed to a 3D model. From there, we cast all our pieces individually, with final touches done by hand locally in Los Angeles, CA.

Natural materials derived from Earth and the best grade silver and gold are used in the production of our products. We use as much recycled gold and silver as possible while still ensuring the best quality craftsmanship. This way, recycling and reusing metals help to reduce the environmental impact of jewelry manufacturing by increasing the metal's lifespan and decreasing water consumption.

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Handcrafting and lost-wax casting have historically defined the art of jewelry making. Both methods are time demanding, require a high level of technical competence, and are prone to human error. 

While we celebrate traditional, time-honored techniques in our production, we have also adapted modern 3D modeling technologies in our process. Investing in 3D design softwares and in-house 3D printers enables us to produce our design molds almost entirely on-demand. This means of production increases our supply chain efficiency, lowers the overall cost for our consumers all while minimizing our impact on the environment.


In a continued effort to do better, we’re keeping our production close to home. Nearly all of our partners are family-owned businesses based locally in Los Angeles.

From casting to polishing and stone setting, we work with master artisans to bring to life jewelry that will withstand the test of time. While there are cheaper labor alternatives available internationally, we prefer to partner with local businesses that support fair wages and ethical practices.


With an emphasis on purity, we use precious metals such as 925 sterling silver and solid 14k gold to create jewelry you will wear in all aspects of your life.

Our hope is for you to feel good about what you purchase and pass them down to future generations as heirlooms. Nothing is permanent, but our jewelry comes close.

We strive for excellence in all we do, from design through prototype, development, and final production, to upkeep the industry's highest standards. Our intention is to create jewelry with longevity as the purpose.

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How To Safely Store Your Jewelry

How To Safely Store Your Jewelry

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