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At the core of INO, we are in pursuit of a sustainable future. When it comes to our jewelry packaging, we opted to use recycled paper and wool felt, both low-impact materials. The INO jewelry box and pouch are intentionally minimalist, allowing you to maximize the functionality as a keep-all storage box or piece of home object, long after it's been delivered to you.

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Jewelry Box

Our jewelry box is made out of a recycled grey board material and is wrapped in recycled paper. The box is a great solution for keeping all of your jewelry in one place, whether it's rings, necklaces, or chains. It's also quite durable.

To highlight the box's clean shape and utility, we kept the exterior simple with a single emboss of our logo on top. As you open the box, you'll find our wordmark and a reminder to "MAKE YOUR LIFE SHINE" serving as a backdrop to the treasures you may put in there.

When not in use, we recommend closing it with the hidden magnetic sealing flap to keep your jewelry safe from dust and dirt. To further keep your jewelry clean, we've also included a jewelry care card and a complimentary polishing cloth with every purchase.


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Jewelry Pouch

For our jewelry pouch, we wanted to create a sense of warmth and luxury to contrast the smooth finish on the box. We chose to use 100% wool felt for its soft touch which provides the perfect cushioning for your INO jewelry. Wool felt is one of civilizations' oldest textiles. It has been used for everything from insulation to clothing to packaging. Its natural fibers are known for being durable and water resistant while also being breathable, which makes them perfect for storing jewelry — especially silver jewelry which is known to oxidize if not stored properly.

A lot of people don't realize that wool felt can be recycled up to six times before its fibers finally wear out. This means that you can use your pouch repeatedly without having to worry about the environmental consequences of constant production. In addition, because wool felt is made from natural materials such as sheep's wool, it is inherently biodegradable and sustainable.

INO jewelry box packaging stacked INO jewelry box packaging stacked

In order to bring our packaging to life, we teamed up with suppliers who share the same mindset and believe that protecting the environment is essential. When it comes to certifications, our suppliers operate in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified packaging manufacturing facilities.


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We want to create a world where people buy fewer, elevated pieces. The use of paper and wool felt is intentional, as it's designed to last a lifetime and be used over and over again without the need for plastic or other materials that are harmful to the environment.

If you're looking to clean or upkeep your INO jewelry piece beyond the standard at-home cleaning method with your polishing cloth, consider purchasing INOCare for a one-time investment.

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