5 Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry

You want to make sure that you are getting the best quality jewelry for your money, but there are so many options!

In this post, we're going to cover some of the factors to consider when buying jewelry: What is your budget? Do you have any sensitivities? We'll also go over what jewelry type will suit your lifestyle. This way you can buy jewelry with confidence and know that you're spending your hard-earned money wisely.

1. What is your budget?

If you have a budget in mind, it will be easier to make decisions about jewelry. You may find that there are certain jewelry types or styles you won't even want to consider because they exceed your price range. Of course, this is not always the case - sometimes buying jewelry with a higher ticket price can lead to getting something better quality and long lasting.

When deciding which type of jewelry to buy, it may be important to keep resale value in mind. If you purchase a high-quality piece with a higher ticket value but will always stays in style, then that will maintain its wearability for years and may be less expensive than a cheaper quality jewelry piece.

A good starting point for quality jewelry would be to consider 925 sterling silver. 925 jewelry is a great choice for those looking for jewelry that will last, and it's also hypoallergenic. If you're looking for gold, solid 14k gold jewelry is a great choice. 14k gold is a good balance of being affordable and having real gold content. You can learn more about the differences between gold karats here.

One of the most important factors in buying jewelry is making sure that your style and tastes are reflected by what you purchase. Whether it's contemporary or classic, there are many options for jewelry styles so make sure that the piece reflects who you are and how you want to be seen!

2. Do you have any metal allergies or sensitivities?

Jewelry can be a great way to express your individuality. However, if you have any metal sensitivities that need to be taken into account when purchasing jewelry, it's important to know this before committing to a purchase.

If you're not sure what your sensitivities or allergies are, a simple test is to place the jewelry next to your skin for about an hour and see how it feels. If any redness or discomfort occurs, then that piece of jewelry may be too harsh on your skin.

Jewelry that may not be too harsh on your skin are solid 14k gold and 925 sterling silver. Both these types are hypoallergenic which make them an excellent choice if you have any sensitivities.

925 silver will not irritate your skin and can be worn close to the body with no issues. Additionally, 925 silver jewelry won't tarnish if you wear it frequently, so it's more reliable than other metals out there.

14k gold jewelry is a good balance of affordability and durability without any metal allergies or sensitivities. 14k gold jewelry is more expensive than sterling silver jewelry, but it will also last much longer with minimal care. There are other gold options available out there such as gold-plated and gold-vermeil jewelry. However, these options tend to be less durable and more irritating to the skin as the base metal tends to be made of cheaper quality metals.

3. How much maintenance will the jewelry require?

Do not buy anything that needs polishing every day or needs to be cleaned with chemicals.

The price of jewelry can depend on the type and style, but it also depends on how much maintenance is required for that particular piece. If you buy something that requires polishing every day or needs to be cleaned with harsh chemicals then this will add up over time! These pieces are not at all cost-effective in the long run so make sure you think about whether your lifestyle allows for these additional responsibilities before making a purchase.

All INO pieces are made to last requiring very minimal maintenance and effort. We provide a complimentary polishing cloth with every order and recommend you professionally have your piece of jewelry cleaned at least once a year. Consider opting into INOCare so we can save you time and money when your jewelry is due for a service.

4. Buy timeless and classic styles rather than trendy pieces

If you're thinking about buying jewelry, then it's also important to think about what will last the longest with minimal care. Jewelry that lasts is more valuable than pieces that are trendy but lose their wearability after a few weeks or months.

When considering how long your purchase will last, notice whether the style of the piece matches trends in fashion. If a piece is trendy but will be out of style in just six months, then this may not be the best purchase for you. Instead, find something that's more timeless and classic in its design to ensure your investment lasts longer than expected!

5. Ask yourself "Does this make me feel good?"

Buying jewelry is much more than just another accessory to put on. It's a personal commitment that you're making to yourself when investing in these pieces and the way they make you feel should be paramount in your decision-making process!

If it doesn't make you feel good, then don't buy it. Asking this question will help you stay grounded in your decision and not just buy something because it's on sale or has a good price.

Jewelry is an extension of who we are, so make sure what you're buying reflects that!

In conclusion, whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, chain, or ring, when you think about how much maintenance a piece of jewelry requires, it’s important to note 925 silver and solid 14k gold are reliable metals that require minimal upkeep. Care instructions are provided with every order and you can find it listed in detail on our website but just remember when shopping — buy something timeless and classic rather than trendy! If you have any metal allergies or sensitivities make sure they are taken into account before making your purchase. Finally, ask yourself “does this make me feel good?” when considering an item — if not then don't waste your money.

We hope that our guide has been helpful in answering your questions and helping you find your next piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Regardless, our goal is to provide an informative and fun experience for all visitors so that everyone can enjoy browsing through our shop online. 

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